About Us

Our story

It all started with a woman who rented an office, a two bedroom flat at No. 43 kolokuma street, Borikiri, Port Harcourt. The two bedrooms were located at the first floor of the building tagged flat 3.
The woman paid for this rent with the intention of the pastor to always sit down and attend to people whenever they come. This woman had experienced his absenteeism each time she comes looking for him.

On a certain day, the pastor heard the voice of God, telling him to sit and wait for him. 
Most morning he sat in the office sitting and just waiting, just waiting all alone.

Few weeks along few months,  two  sisters 
Sister blessing and sister wariboko bagshaw joined Pastor in worshiping.
And the number increased as time went on. This worship was on a Thursday which later was called “Turning point” because this is where it all started.
The group kept increasing. And this worship progressed to Sunday worship meaning that two  services were held.  The Turning point every Thursday  and Sunday morning worship.

The ministry then was called “Glorious Evangelical”. The number increased to fifty-seven thereabout and could not contain the office. The pastor called for a night vigil for one month, in the month of June-July precisely.The team was made up of twelve members who tarried in d night asking God for a place of worship. Just at the end of that one month night vigil, God provided the place we are now called No. 12 Etche Street, Borikiri, Port Harcourt.

The name  “Glorious Evangelical” was rejected by the Corporate affairs commission. Then prayerfully, God selected the name “Glorious Overflow” which was passed and approved by the Government which we now bear. Still at the point of the vigil, we sought God for a direction on how to lead the people of God. Through the vision God had given to his servant, we prayerfully look at how we can go about this vision which lead to the mission we now have today. And also the motto of the Church.


To this end the name of the church as ordained by god is ‘GLORIOUS OVERFLOW” MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL” (Aka Glorious Evangelical) which reminds us that the center core service of the ministry is “Evangelism”).